Basic Bellydance Steps

12 Week Beginner Belly Dance for Adults and Teens

Course Syllabus

Each week of Beginner Belly Dance is designed to be completely separate so you can join the class at anytime to start your journey into Belly Dance. Classes are numbered so you can find your spot in the Outline so be sure to ask your first day of class for the number of the session and so you can follow your progress.  Completion of the Beginner Belly Dance Class Series is required to move up to all upper level classes. Be sure to print out a copy and make notes after each class!

1. Basic Up Right & Left
–Basic Egyptian
–Open Egyptian
–½  Grapevine w/up
–Knee Shimmy
–Greeting Arms

2. Hip Circles
–Box–Smooth Right & Left
–W/Greeting Arms
–Turning Right & Left
–Simple & W/Greeting Arms
–Snake & Classic Arms

3. Basic Up
–Front & Back Right & Left Hip
–Bump the Door
–½ Grapevine W/Up
–Shoulder Shimmy

4. Front & Back Hip Figure 8
–5 Pack:
1 Hip Circle In & Out Right & Left Hip
In & Out Figure 8’s
Sashe Right & Left
Sunrise Arms

5. Chest Circle Right & Left
–Undulations Down & Up
–Snake & Classic Arms
–Knee Shimmy

6. Beledi Right & Left
–Double Beledi
–Side to Side Double Beledi
–Traveling Side to Side Beledi
–Double Back
–Snake Arms Right & Left

7. Beledi Right & Left
–Kashilima Right & Left
–w/Sacrifice Step
–Turning Kashilima Right & Left
–Chase the Door-Traveling Front & Back

8. Downs Right & Left
–Drop Kick Right & Left
–Up/Down Combo Right & Left Hip
–4/4 Hip Shimmy
–4/4 Walking Hip Shimmy

9. Downs Right & Left
–Horse Shoe
–1/2 Grapevine with Down Right & Left

10. Twists:
–Twisting Egyptian Right & Left
–Twisting Double Beledi Right & Left
— Side to Side Twisting Double Beledi Right & Left
–Twisting Shimmy
–Snake & Classic Arms

11. Basic Up & Basic Beledi
–3 Step Turns Right & Left—Arabesque Position & Closed w/Up
–Side Salsa Right & Left
–Push Across Right & Left
–Front Back Hip Shimmy
–Sunrise Arms

12. Left Overs: These are combinations that don’t have a core combination but are used in many if not most upper level choreography.
–Umi’s Right & Left
1 Hip Circles Right & Left
1 Hip Circles Front & Back
–Hand Flores In & Out
–Corkscrew Turns Right & Left





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